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June 2013

  • The Fiscal Year 13/14 project budget was approved at June 24, 2013 Board of Director’s meeting which includes $2.4 M for 14 contracts with 12 consultants to perform:
    • required CEQA analysis and reporting, including identifying and analyzing alternatives
    • drill and install a monitoring well
    • hydrogeological modeling of proposed injection sites on the Seaside basin
    • pilot testing including analysis of groundwater, source waters, and bench-scale treatment processes.
    • public health study reviews and regulatory agency requirements coordination
    • feasibility studies and facilities planning including conveyance pipeline and pump station analysis
    • Independent Advisory Panel meetings
  • Proposed water sources will now include: 
    • City of Salinas commercial facility pond water (primarily produce wash water)
    • Blanco Drain water
    • Storm drain waters from MRWPCA member entity cities
    • Secondary effluent from the MRWPCA treatment plant (limited).
    • Reclamation Ditch water

Combined, these wastewaters could potentially provide 9,550-12,050 acre-feet per year of source water.

  • Notice of Preparation was issued for the proposed GWR project.  The 30-day public comment period is from May 31 – July 2, 2013.  Please see Public Participation page to view the NOP document and information on how to submit a comment.
  • A NOP Public Scoping meeting was held at the Oldemeyer Center, Seaside on June 18, from 6 PM – 8 PM.  Approximately 35 people attended.
    At the Public Scoping Meeting, June 18, 2013At the Public Scoping Meeting, June 18, 2013
  • Workshops in May and June 19 were held at the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC, proceeding A.12-04-019) to develop criteria for the proposed GWR Project to determine California-American Water Company’s desalination plant capacity.
  • Public outreach coordination with the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority and the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.

June 2012

  • Met with California Department of Health to work on Advanced Water Treatment design criteria.
  • 3-way Memorandum of Understanding was approved April 20, 2012 with Monterey Peninsula Water Management District and the American Water Company.
  • Contracts have been approved to:
    •  install a monitoring well into the Seaside Groundwater basin
    • develop a pilot Advanced Water Treatment Plant
    • apply for numerous grants
    • conduct alternate analyses and water quality studies required by the CA Department of Public Health
  • Grants:
    • $75,000, State Revolving Loan Feasibility Grant secured
    • $150,000, Bureau of Reclamation Water Smart Grant secured
    • Other potential funding sources include:
    • Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Implementation Grants - the State is allocating up to $8 Million for Central California projects.
    • Local Groundwater Assistance Grant Program through the Division of Integrated Regional Water Management - $250,000 maximum periodically.
    • State Revolving Finance (SRF) Loan:  20-year, 2.2% loan for pilot studies, design and construction with a maximum of $50 million per year.
  • Monterey Peninsula Water Management District’s Prop 218 Public Hearing was conducted on June 19.  Funds would provide Project costs at 50% cost sharing for Year 1.
  • Discussions are underway with Salinas Valley growers and Water Plus group to clarify water rights and project details.
  • Groundwater monitoring well permit application has been submitted and the permit is expected to be issued soon.
Project Documents and Additional Information

For project reports to the MRWPCA Board of Directors, browse the Pubic Meeting Agendas/Minutes (audio also available).

Presentations at the March 2013 WateReuse Conference, Monterey, CA


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